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Herbal Medicine

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine has been used worldwide for thousands of years.
  • It has been used by all cultures in the East and the West, and was the primary form of medicine used worldwide until the last century.
  • Many of today’s prescription medications are made by taking the effective component of a plant and isolating it. This has both positive and negative effects. The positive is that  some prescription medications are able to treat diseases faster than traditional herbal methods. The negative is that some of these synthetic medications are so concentrated and powerful, that side effects of these medications can be at times, worse than the benefits.
  • Chinese Herbs are typically prescribed in a combination, having a balancing effect.  Combining herbs undergoes a mutual synergy, increasing efficacy and safety.
  • This approach seeks to correct internal imbalances, rather than treating only the manifestation of symptoms. Chinese Herbal Medicine is focused on bringing the ailing body back to homeostasis.
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine may be administered internally in the form of decoctions, pills, powders, and tinctures. External applications may be seen in the form of compresses, lotions, liniments, and plasters.
  • Additionally, multi-ingredient herbal patent formulas may be used.
  • Relief Acupuncture only uses herbal medicine products that are GMP certified and  independent laboratory tested  for the insurance of purity, bioavailability, and safety.
  • Organic ingredients are used as often as possible, and we do not purchase or prescribe herbs that contain common allergens or endangered species.