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Foods That Tip Your Scales

Common holiday indulgences to eat with caution this year


At Relief, the focus of our approach is balance. Everyone knows when their body is just plain out of whack. Diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, sleeplessness and hormonal changes tell us the error of our ways.

1. Creamy casseroles and appetizers
Foods based on heavy creams are loaded with fat and calories – which is why they taste so good. In Eastern medicine and tradition, lactose creates dampness in the body, which hinders digestion.


2. Turkey, skin
Packed with saturated fat, turkey skin is higher in calories than protein or carbs and those bad fats can raise cholesterol.


3. Choco-lot-te
Some chocolate is ok – entire box of Whitman’s Sampler? Not good. Chocolate has binding qualities for the digestive system and will keep you up at night. Opt for dark chocolate which has more antioxidant properties if you need a fix.


4. Spicy and pricey
A full stomach alone can lead to indigestion, but when topped off with spicy agents, heartburn can be wicked. Spicy foods have a warming effect that, in acupuncture, moves the qi energy to the surface. An excess of spicy foods can damage the qi.


5. Egg-not
Eggnog is a drink that is either loved or loathed. But, as a tradition, this beverage shows up at nearly every holiday gathering. One cup has nearly 340 calories and 19 grams of fat. See number one regarding the milk content and the dampness effects, as well.


But hey, it’s only once a year you get to really indulge on these seasonal favorites. Enjoy all the season has to offer, but think about the long term effects before taking that second helping! Acupuncture helps realign these systems – keep up your normal acupuncture treatment or try it for the first time to help persistent digestive problems. Call us today to schedule your consultation!