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Battling Bloat and Weight Management During the Holidays

It’s that time of year, how to enjoy without the regret

As the days get shorter, we become less active and suddenly our appetites are kicked into high gear. Maybe it’s preparing for hibernation that makes us so hungry or perhaps it’s the abundance of high fat, carb-packed foods. Before Thanksgiving, keep in mind a few ways to stay balanced.

Acupuncture – yes, acupuncture for weight management

Holiday diet tips usually start out with portion control and some of the more obvious approaches you’ve read about at this time of year. But we know you know that – what you may not know is how acupuncture helps with weight management.

How does it work? When combined with proper diet and exercise, acupuncture realigns the imbalance causing the weight gain. Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on realignment of the liverĀ and spleen systems. Treatment of the endocrine system and kidneys treat water retention and hormonal imbalance. The spleen and thyroid are also targeted for treatment of hormonal imbalances that may be the cause of excess weight and difficulty losing weight in spite of diet and exercise.

Another approach to acupuncture for weight management involves the ear – acupuncture of key areas of the ear can help reduce cravings and has been successful in treating even the strongest cravings, such as nicotine. This is an option that would be discussed at your consultation as part of an overall treatment plan based upon your unique physiology.

After treatment, an herbal supplement may also be recommended. Working with a nutritionist, general physician or other health care professional can help with weight loss. Rather than wait for the dreaded New Year’s Resolution and crowded gyms, try consulting with our acupuncturists to be proactive about your health this holiday season.

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